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Mankind seeks for beauty and perfection since dark ages and flowers have always been a source of inspiration and admiration. Indeed there is something magical and attractive in these creations of nature. Flowers convey a good mood and are always a great gift or decoration in the house. What a pity that the beauty is not eternal and the flowers fade!

Some time ago I decided to throw the challenge and began to create flower arrangements that do not fade with time and bring eternal joy and beauty. This became possible due to the recent development of high technologies and the emergence of polymer clay and cold porcelain. High technology in combination with meticulously manual work allowed me to create flowers that can not be distinguished from the real ones.

Moreover I could create flowers that perfectly fit into the interior in colour but shape and composition are limited only by flight of imagination.

I believe that my work will be a great decoration for homes in order to bring a joy and good mood for families. A bride can order a wedding bouquet that will be remembered for a lifetime. Small businesses will be able to inexpensively decorate own office with floral arrangements. Flower bouquet can be arranged from roses, lilies, hydrangea, peas, ranunculuses, tuberoses and unlimited other choices.

I want my visitors shared the joy of the work performed and could find something interesting for themselves to order.

Tatyana Godunova,
Clay artist