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What could be better then everlasting spring?! Make it by your own hands. Clay class Hyacinth is the perfect opportunity to enjoy making polymer flowers.

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Workshop date – 29th of September, 10am – 5pm.

During the workshop, you will be given an excellent opportunity to experiment with a unique material – polymer clay (cold porcelain). You will make full size lifelike Hyacinth flower with leaves and bulb in the small pot.

What knowledge will you get:

  • The kinds of polymer clay that exist and which of them you can choose to create realistic flowers
  • How to maintain polymer clay in the right way, and stop it from drying
  • How to get the right colour of clay for the buds, flowers, leaves and stem
  • How to create buds, flowers and leaves with the right shape and size
  • How to create bulb and imitate bulbous shell
  • How to assemble the whole plant
  • How to add colours and shades on the flowers, leaves and bulb with the oil paints

After the workshop, you will then take with you a beautiful flower that can decorate your home or could be the nice gift for your loved ones and friends.

The workshop lasts seven hours, starts at 10am and ends at to 5pm.

Size of the flower: height – 17-29 cm, Including the height of the pot – 7 cm.

You don’t need to bring anything. All materials and tools are included. Tea and cookies are available during the workshop. Bring your glasses if you need it to work with the small details.

Workshop location: Riverside building, Hammersmith Embankment, W6 9WA (building stands at the end of Winslow road).